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Takhautdinov Shafagat

Shafagat Fakhrazovich Takhautdinov

HC «Ak Bars» President
23 April 1946

He was born on April 23, 1946 in the village of Abdrakhmanovo of Almetyevsk District in the Tatar Autonomous Republic. He finished the Oil College and after this he graduated from the Moscow Petrochemical and Gas Industry Institute named after Gubkin.

He started working as an assistant driller in 1965 in the Almetyevsk Drilling Operations Board. Later he used to work as an oil production servicing operator, a well servicing foreman, a workshop manager of the same Board.

1978-1985 - Head of the Oil and Gas Production Board Jalilneft and Head of the Oil and gas Production Board Almetyevneft. 1985 - 1990 - First Secretary of Leninogorsk City Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Since 1990 - Chief Engineer-First Deputy General Director of OAO Tatneft.

He was elected as a Deputy of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan on April 28, 1995. He balloted as an independent candidate representing electoral district No. 93. Member of the State Council Committee for the Economic Development and Reforms. Since May 1997 - Member of Zenit Bank Board

Tatneft public corporation successfully passed through the difficult time of the World financial crisis while it was headed by Takhautdinov Sh.F. (1999-2013). The corporation quickly stabilized its financial conditions, expanded geography of cooperations within our country and in the World.

Since July 1999- member of the Board of Ak Bars Bank (Kazan).

1999 - elected as a Board Chairman of OAO Nizhnekamsky NPZ (Nizhnekamsk Oil Refinery).

June 2000 - elected as a Board of Directors member of OAO RITEK.

Since 2000 - Chairman of the Board of OAO Nizhnekamskshina.

2000 - 2004 - Deputy of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan (second convocation).

Since March 2004 - Deputy of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan (third

convocation). Member of the State Council Committee of the Republic ofTatarstan for ecology, mineral resources and land usage.

Since 2004 - President of Ak Bars Ice Hockey Sports Club, President of the Ice Hockey Federation of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Under his watch the Ak Bars team has won the Russian Championship three times (2006, 2009, 2010), the KHL Championship two times (2009, 2010), two Gagarin Cups (2009, 2010), Silver medals of the Russian Championship (2007), IIHF European Champions Cup (2007) and IIHF Continental Cup (2008).

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