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3 February 2020

Dmitry Kvartalnov: «It was a good game: we scored five goals and capitalized on the power play»

Dmitry Kvartalnov, Ak Bars head coach, noted after the victory over Vityaz (5:2) that the coaching staff is satisfied with the score, commented on the debut of Artur Brovkin and the performance of Stepan Sannikov.

− It was a good game for us, we scored 5 goals − on the power play and full strength. Of course, we are happy with the score: now we will have a short break, and then will go on.

− Brovkin made his debut for Ak Bars. What are his strengths?

− Today we received information that Voronkov won’t play. The VHL team was on a road. We talked to the coach of Irbis, he recommended two or three guys. So, we chose him. Nothing else– Safonov will probably have to come and play. There was no player born in 2000. We call up guys and give them an opportunity to feel this reality. This guy has a long way to go. He was recommended, nothing more.  We just made this decision.

− Yevgeny Perov is now with you on the bench, at the beginning of the season he watched the matches at the bowl. What is the reason for this?

− He's been on the bench for some time. We made this decision – he will help us on the bench. There are people at the bowl, don't worry – we won't leave this post.

− Are you satisfied with Sannikov's and Galuzin’s performance? Or do they have other tasks?

− The team won and played well. Stepa (Sannikov) has a lot of chances but, unfortunately, the conversion is not good. I think that if he continues like this, everything will work out, the main games are ahead.

− Virtanen is currently playing with Yarullin. How do you rate his game?

− They play well, have been playing together for a long time – the fifth game. Wikstrand got sick, we changed them and then let them play in this combination.

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