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1 May 2021

Ak Bars thanks the players for their teamwork


Goaltender Adam Reideborn, defenders Mikael Wikstrand, Andrei Pedan, forwards Stanislav Galiev, Stephane Da Costa, Nigel Dawes, Patrice Cormier, Harri Pesonen and Viktor Tikhonov leave Ak Bars.

Reideborn joined the team in the spring of 2019 and played 70 games, where he won 39 victories and had 6 shutouts.

Wikstrand played 104 matches and scored 48 (6+42). Pedan took part in 147 games and scored 49 (15 + 34).

Galiev spent four seasons for Kazan and won Gagarin Cup. Stanislav played 259 matches and scored 136 (70 + 66) points, scoring 19 winning goals.

Da Costa and Dawes joined Ak Bars last summer. Stephane scored 61 (28 + 33) in 62 games, and Nigel scored 49 (26+23) in 61 games. Cormier played 121 times for Kazan and scored 49 (19 + 30) points.

Pesonen joined the team during the 2020/21 season. He played 29 matches and scored 9 (2 + 7) points. Tikhonov came to Ak Bars in November 2019, he played 84 games and made 39 (20 +19) points.

Ak Bars thanks all players and wishes everyone good luck. Thanks for the bright games and emotions for Ak Bars fans!

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